Sunday, November 25, 2012

Evil Dead Remake

The first poster for the "Evil Dead" remake is here.  After watching the trailer I am looking forward to it.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Mystery Solved

I just realized that on “Good Times” the family lived in the Cabrini Green Housing Projects in Chicago.

Which just happens to be the setting for the movie “Candyman”.

I guess that explains what happened to James Evans. The Candyman got him.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012


Paddle faster!
"DeathShip" is being released on Blu-Ray/DVD on 12/18/12 by Scream Factory.  I never got to see this and I always wanted to.  I saw it on the video store shelves for years as a kid, but my parents wouldn't rent it.  When I was old enough to rent it myself, all the copies were long gone.  Scream Factory has done a great job with other releases so I know this one will be excellent too. 

It will be good to finally see this. 

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Horror Movie Marathons Part Two

Even though it's past Halloween, the true horror fans keep the spirit alive all year.  So here is another theme for your marathons.  This time it's "Remakes that are as good or better than the original". 

  5. "My Bloody Valentine 3D" (2006)
Odd that both stars of "Supernatural" were in horror remakes. 

This one managed to beat out the original in every sense.  It had a better cast, better effects and story.  The "whodunnit" angle is one that worked well in this movie.  I also submit that Tom Atkins presence in a movie automatically adds two stars. 

4."The Omen" (2006)
Just a creepy kid in a swing, nothing to see here.  
This movie gets a lot of undeserved hate.  The performances are all strong, and very little was changed from the original.  I can get that a remake wasn't necessary, but at least they did it well.  It was also great fun seeing this in the theaters on 06/06/06. 

3. "Night of the Living Dead" (1990)

If the zombies are coming, I want Tony Todd on my team. 
Again, not much was changed and that's a good thing.  Savini simply had a better budget and more resources on this than he did on the original. The cast on this version was amazing.  Tony Todd, Patricia Tallman, Bill Moseley, and Tom Towles are all horror royalty now. 

2. "The Thing" (2011)
Not really a remake but a prequel to the classic 1982 film of the same name.  Very well done and it fit into established continuity very well.  I still want sequel to wrap things up. 

1. "Dawn of the Dead" (2004)

A powerhouse cast, top notch script, and excellent effects really make this one stand out from the original.  It was nice to see the original cast get cameos as well.  The success of this film critically and commercially is what really started the horror remake trend.