Saturday, April 06, 2013

Drive In Theaters

I had all but forgotten about Drive In Theaters.  I remembered them being a  lot of fun, but wasn't sure if that was just the memories of a kid.  I remembered it being nice to be able to discuss, or make fun of, the movies without bothering anyone else.  Plus you could bring your own snacks, and you usually got two movies for the price of one.

The last Drive In closed near my home in Joplin Missouri closed in 1994 or 1995.  I was shocked when I got to Florida and there were still Drive In's!  That's the advantage of Florida though, the weather rarely gets bad enough they need to close.

They've reopened a Drive In near Joplin Missouri, but it's strictly a family movie place.  The one here will show anything.

While some movies should be seen in a state of the art theater, others are best seen old school.

It was great fun to watch "The Cabin the Woods" under the stars. 

The Silvermoon Drive In even did a classic movie series with free admission.  "Christine" was just one of the movies they showed.  It's a horror fans dream to watch these in this format!

Here are some pics I took at the Silvermoon Drive In, enjoy!

It does have a horror movie vibe to it. 

I'm all for nostalgia, but we used my car radio for sound.

Almost show time. 

The Snack Bar.  

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