Wednesday, August 21, 2013


The Plot: Searching for a missing student, two private investigators break into his house and find collection of VHS tapes. Viewing the horrific contents of each cassette, they realize there may be dark motives behind the student's disappearance.(via IMDB)

My Thoughts: This movie would have worked much better without the found footage angle.  They could have just done a normal anthology and it would have been amazing.   The found footage angle is stretched beyond belief in this. 
In each of the tapes we see people strapping on HD cameras, using I-Phones, hidden button cams and all sorts of high tech equipment.  Then at some point they all transferred the footage to VHS?  Why would anyone do that?  Burning a DVD would be easier and make more sense.  Also several of the stories feature multi camera views that have been conveniently edited together into a coherent flow.  In one story they actually strap a camera to a dog and we're forced to watch everything from a dogs eye point of view.  I don't like puppy ears blocking the camera. 

The stories on the tapes are all quite good, and if they had been shot using a normal narrative this movie would be a horror classic.  As it is now, this is just another found footage entry that will be forgotten soon. 

Friday, August 16, 2013

11 Ways to support Holliston

Here are eleven ways you can leave your mark on-line and help support HOLLISTON into future seasons and beyond:
1. Tell our friends at FEARnet how much you want more seasons on their Facebook page.
2. Rate the show, rate each episode, and leave a user review on the show’s IMDB page.
3. Leave a review about the show on
4. Leave a review about the show on
5. Invite your friends to “like” this Facebook page and show their support.
6. Write a letter to FEARnet letting them know how you feel about the show at: FEARnet - ATTN: Programming, 1601 Cloverfield BLVD. South Tower, Suite 200. Santa Monica, CA 90404
7. Leave a review about the show and rate it on iTunes.
8. Wear your HOLLISTON or HOLLISTON NATION shirt everywhere you go. (Shirts can be purchased at
9. Pray to the television Gods.
10. Keep tweeting your love for the show to @FEARnet with the hashtag ‪#‎Holliston‬ in your tweet.

11. Use #fearnet and #holliston on Tumblr.