Sunday, January 25, 2015

Friday, January 23, 2015

Digging up the Marrow

This looks good.  I know that Adam Green will be touring with the movie and I hope to catch one of the shows. 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Waxwork/Waxwork II: Lost in Time

I decided to revisit these after I came across a DVD double feature with them at Movie Gallery.  It's been years since I had seen either.  The first time I watched part one it was actually on Beta-Max, because that was the only way the unrated version was available. 
Both films are written/directed by Anthony Hickox

I always thought this movie could have worked much better as anthology film. The stories that occur inside each of the Waxwork exhibits could have been expanded slightly and made a more interesting film.
Vampire supper

The film as it is suffers from a script that doesn't let the characters develop much before they are killed off. The worst character is Sarah who is said to be a prudish virgin, suddenly develops a love for BDSM when she gets one look at the Marquis De Sade display. Another thing I found annoying is that the characters are said to be in college, yet their "college" has lockers in the hallway. I've never been to a college that did that. 

From never been kissed to whipped for pleasure.

The make-up effects are good, but some of the visuals at the end are laughable even by 1988 standards. The ending sets up the sequel that would follow four years later.

The sequel dropped the horror and played up the comedy angle.  It really tried hard to be like "The Evil Dead II", but it went way to far with the slapstick.  It did have a great cast though with Bruce Campbell, Marinia Sirtis, Michael Des Barres, and David Carradine. 

It's just a flesh wound.
The movies are worth seeing for a few scenes, but overall they are not that memorable.