Friday, February 10, 2017

The Monster

Sometimes there are good reasons the road is less traveled.  

I finally had a chance to watch this and I loved it.  Writer/director Bryan Bertino (who also gave us The Strangers) does an amazing job on this film.  The Monster tells the story of a mother and daughter who are traveling on a deserted road when they have an accident.  It doesn't take them long to figure out they aren't alone on the road.

Never touch the roadkill 
The movie does an excellent job of being both a great family drama and an effective horror movie. You truly care about the characters, they aren't just stereotypes waiting to be killed.

The creature effects are top notch, the titular monster is very unique looking.  Also amazing is that it was done with practical effects and no CGI.  This makes the monster feel more real and menacing.

My only complaint is that I found myself screaming at the screen when the characters did certain less than intelligent things.  Although I guess that just shows how invested in the movie I really was.