Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Two Evil Monkey Movies You May Have Missed

Whether there's a whole planet of them, or just one, monkeys are scary.  They're funny to look at in the zoo, but when the walls between us come down, they have the advantage.  Here are two movies about killer primates you may have missed.

Our first entry is SHAKMA from 1990.  A LARP game in a medical school goes awry when a supposedly dead baboon starts killing the players.  Part slasher movie, part nature gone wild movie SHAKMA has become a cult hit.

I can definitely see why actress Amanda Wyss was reportedly terrified of the baboon on set.  It was the 1990's no CGI monkeys here.  SHAKMA is currently streaming on Shudder and Amazon video.  

Next is LINK, from 1986.  When zoology student Jane Chase (Elisabeth Shue) shows up at her professor's remote house she discovers he has a super intelligent orangutan as a butler.  If this didn't clue her to get the hell out of there I don't know what would.  

I'm here to draw your bath,  

Things start to go bad when Link, develops feeling towards Chase.  Yes, it's a story of unrequited ape love.  The film was directed by Richard Franklin who also directed Psycho II and Road Games.  

 The evil ape Citizen Kane is of course Monkey Shines, but I think everyone has seen it.  Hopefully this will point fans of Monkey Shines to other lesser known killer monkey movies.  

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